Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Me, a Bad Guy..?

I think I may have been too harsh, is that the word..?
Sometimes I get all fired up and excited in a direction and bam, there I go.
It's only later when I look back and see my path of destruction that I realize I went into "horns down" mode again huh Bishop.
I am, after all, only an Aries and it says I'm "enthusiastic".

I typed some things recently about guns, wars, immigrants, religions, yeah, my list is rather long there eh...
And honestly, it was the best I could do at the time, such as it always is and that's not my excuse, it's my reason.
But after pondering it for a bit more, I think I've found a way we can make the bad people of this world, forgive and move on in a positive direction.
I think we have something we can offer them that they can't turn down.
With all their drugs and money and virgins in their afterlives, I think we might be able to convince them, if we but tried, to lay down their fightings and live like civilized people for the duration.
And now that I think about it for a moment, it doesn't seem all that implausible.

What if, now hear me out, what if, quiet quiet..!
We offered them a nice above ground house, complete with picket-fence yard of finely cut sod, three bedrooms and two baths with an attached garage, a mid size in the parking lot and, ready, a job...
What if we let them build their own power plants and run electricity to their homes, we gave them a source of clean water and let them build schools and hospitals...
What if each bad guy could just pick you know, where he wants to live and we'll deposit their ready-to-go homes (built in America, and elsewhere), and in exchange for this "set you up for life" coupon, all you need to do is turn in your guns and promise not to be a bad guy anymore.
If you want to live where someone else has already claimed, you have to throw dice or draw straws or "something random" to determine if you get that dude's spot or not but this can only happen once a year so you're gettin' at least a year if you're lucky and you picked a nice spot.
Otherwise you have to live down the street from where you wanted, you know, gotta wait your turn and all, mabes that guy's eyein' a new spot himself.

So there it is, no more guns, no more fighting for "holy land", everybody has their space, their drugs and virgins as long as they keep it in their homes, everybody has a reason to want to live, mabes they could have friends or eat pizzas...

How could anyone, anywhere, want to crash themselves with a plane into a building again for some "holy war" when there's a cool six pack of beers at home in the fridgey waitin'..?
Mabes a good football game on the tele, what else do people want?

Hey what else do I want...
While we're at it though, hum, I had somethin' there, where'd it go...
Ope, yeps.
I think if we're giving the bad guys a great life in return for not bein' "bad" anymore, what is it exactly...  we're giving the good guys..?

And some of that stuff sounded fairly good Bishop, especially the hot tub part (wait, there was no hot tub part..?  Are you sure 'cause I pictured a hot tub there...  humph.)
I think if me and mine don't get the hot tub er, house (and that job part sounded really good too...)
Well I think I might decide all the sudden that I'm a bad guy too.  Wouldn't you..?

And all my friends are bad guys too..!
And, while we're at it, can't we just give everybody this deal, mabes come up with a snazzy title, something like "the American Dream", that's sounds pretty cool huh.
I mean, is there enough space on the earth's surface or, I get that nobody's gonna want to live on Mount Gongga (it's in China, no offense Chinese).
Each person gets a hundred yard, okay meter for my British friends, hundred by hundred plot of land with house and car and job (and hot tub).
Everybody's happy right, no more fighting and shooting..?

And you know, I thought it's too bad this couldn't actually happen right, perfect harmony and crap huh.
Then I had this slowly-growing-brighter bulb in the darkest places of the corners of my noodle.  That got brighter.  And it said "hey, Bishop, can you hear me Bishop, I know it's late and all but, yeah, listen!  It's me!"
And I said okay, okay little bulb, what is it.
And it replied, hey, remember not too long ago, you were typin' all about a guy, remember?
And it continued because of course, I didn't remember.
Yeah, you wrote about how this guy was gonna do some stuff, people either liked it or didn't.
And yeah, okay, wait a minute, I do think I remember something like that, yeps, silent night bell a'ringin.
What was his name, do you remember his name little light bulb..?

And then it sorta smacked me.  Mr Donald Trump.
Yep, here's a guy that might just be able to offer the American Dream to the bad guys of the world.
Here's someone who could help, could make a real difference in how much hate and blood the world has all over its hands...
And he wants to build a wall.

It makes me think about all those Mr Trumps out there.  The ones that have the power and refuse to use it for good.
It makes me wonder if all their hot tubs and cars are "worth it".

Then it makes me wonder if Mr Donald Trump decided he wanted to give the American Dream to just the ISIS bad guys but couldn't afford to give to all the others.  If it left him broke and homeless because he gave all he had for millions of others to live good lives.
It makes me wonder if I would take him in if he were at my doorstep.  If I would give him half of my dinners at night and let him sleep in my bed every other night.
It makes me question what am I supposed to do with my life and if I ever became rich, would I help out those who weren't.
Would I forget where I came from...

If every rich person in the world, split their money equally for all people born after the year two thousand, would we have enough money for everyone's American Dream?
Would there be no more violence and wars and killing over stupid s*it?
Because mabes we could create some new form of "insurance".
We all pay so there's no chance that one of our kids could be in a school when a bad guy shows up.
Rich or poor, I'm thinkin' I'll pay little light bulb.

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