Sunday, November 15, 2015

Worlds to Live in...

We live in many worlds.
I look at one of my personal typing heroes, Mr Dan Abnett and what he created, little universes of his own playgrounds, and if I met him one day I would have to ask, how do you "exist" in multiple places at the same time on a daily basis like that...
Or a George Lucas when he was dreaming up Star Wars, how do you "live" in this world, with the rest of us, and still occupy enough of "the other world", in the same lifetime..?
How do you squeeze it all in or, if you or anyone else could claim, how do you abandon your fleshy person in sacrifice for the non fleshy person for a while.
But I think I already know the answer.

It's because we all do it, everyday of our lives, all the time.  We "compartmentalize" is that what they call it?
We take little emotions and events and we put them in little imaginary boxes in our noodles, then look back on them fondly or negatively (sometimes neutrally).
Now that I think about it, even if I take the "writer" out of myself, I must still live in about six worlds, possibs seven.
Let's see if I can list them all...

I have a real sexual style that has it's own playground, not to mention the sex with my wife so there's two right.
I have a world where if I'm sittin' on the toilet, I'm readin' a book for a minute or two and if my current book's any good, well I'm in there right, "somewhere" it's in my mind, three eh.
I have, believe it or not, a whole separate world dedicated to the Ohio State Buckeyes and their methodic system of annilating their competition, yep there's a whole world there I think...
I also have a very competitive side that seems to have it's own world because when I watch a very popular UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, lose her first ever in Australia well, I cringe inside, she was so awesome, did so much, rose so high and to see that, yep, I'm a long haired man and I can be quite a hard ass on my kids sometimes but I can admit it, I do have a soft side that died a little bit on my insides you know.
I can also side with all her haters who just had to throw their two cents in, to the whole negative side of the scales, it's important for some people to criticize a dominant, glowing figure I get that but I'm not countin' it as one of "my worlds" huh, only five so far.

I think my sixth world, and these were never in order of "importance" right, my son and his mother and how I handle our day to day lives, they're important, bills must somehow be paid and all.
I'm quite a video game player and when they unleashed the Fallout Four, well it's a wishing well on top of a pool of quicksand to me, I fall in and it's hard to escape in the next seven months or so, that's gotta be seven huh.
I sometimes think I might be an alcoholic but mabes I won't count that one.

Maybe the question is not, to our universe-creating-heroes or our spouses, how many worlds are you living in...
Perchappers the question is, which world are you living in right now.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Place for Links...

Okay, I know, I know, I've been sorta busy, I'm sorry...
Reading Nik's self published book Addled Kat has left me with some, ahem, stuff to do eh...

I've been inspired though, now if I could just turn it into some motivation...
Until then, I thought I'd self publish some of my older stuff, you know, just in case you were bored and needed something new and interesting to read.
These are two blogs I started oh, mabes a year or two ago.  They're both fairly "different" and were part of my "oh let's see if we can make this work" phase...

The Movie of All Movies...

Crazy Sense Time...

With both of these sites, you have to look for the little button "Next" at the bottom right (or, you know "More Crazy")...
I tried to make these buttons bigger, more stand outty but couldn't figure it out and left it huh.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Modern Day Heroes...

The following is a direct response to what was written here...

I feel a little weird admitting this but I didn't actually watch the Avengers movies, either of them.  I tried watching the first one but it was long, I didn't like what I saw in the beginning and assumed the end would be more of the same.
But I should throw out my disclaimer..!
I grew up with a grandparent named Stan Lee, he's like the godfather of the Marvel universe.  I watched the cartoons on Saturday mornings, I borrowed my dad's comic books and read every Avengers starting from numero uno, I read every XMen and everything else I could get my sweaty hands on.
I loved the characters, I loved the art, the stories, the conflicts, you name it, I lived, breathed and died, Marvel.
On occasion, when I wasn't a little boy in a winter jacket for Halloween, I was Captain America with my cardboard shield or Spiderman with the fake web stuff.
No one could claim they loved Marvel more than I, how's that for a disclaimer..!

But a funny thing happened a bit ago.
Marvel started making movies about the characters that I had grown up with, that I had cherished.
I can clearly remember the first X-Men movie from way back in the triple zeros (that's the year two thousand for you old peeps).  I can remember loving it and thinking what an honor it was, to have lived this long, in this world, to be able to watch my favorite heroes come to life.
I remember loving Wolverine and his look, loving the way my son watched with fascination, 'twas a glorious time for all.
I couldn't wait for a sequel but there was a couple of niggling things in the back of my brain and I tired to shut them out but, there they were.
Little details about what I thought "should" have been, should have happened in the movie, that didn't.  I dismissed them and said hey, beggars can't be choosers and if I didn't like the whole movie, well I should get busy making my own, making a better one right.

But the sequel came and I watched with glee once again.  Except, there were even more discrepancies, even more flaws.
Iceman was an original "founding" member of the Xmen and here he is, supposed to be a new kid that came after Wolverine (and Rogue and Storm).
It stung, it really did.  It hurt my special place inside and I wanted to call my mommy and cry.
Why did they do this to these characters I love..?

And the best answer I could come up with, was that they did their best.  They were pressured by "somebody" who said hey, we can't do it this way and we need to change some things.
I chalked it up eventually, to them "trying too hard" to be liked by the new generation.
If the new kids don't care about stories and they just want to see big explosions, give it to 'em right.  They're the ones with the big wads of cash in their hands and hey, I don't have big wads of cash now do I...
So I forgave the makers, I claimed I understood and that was enough for the time being.
But it didn't stop there.
The monster money machine kept rumbling forward, the movies kept coming and the atrocities in my mind, kept doubling.

You can look anywhere on the big bad web for criticisms of the Marvel movies by "the old fans".  It's easy to criticize when it's not your paycheck on the line.
But do I want to watch these movies, do I feel I need them to teach me how to be a good guy, a hero, because they certainly try to hammer that lesson home huh.

Nopers.  I don't want to watch 'em anymore, possibs I'm old.
I'll hang on to the Jean Grey Phoenix I know and remember.  I'll savor Deadpool before he becomes Ryan Reynolds (who was also Green Lantern).
But I can't stop the movies from being made, I can't stop the new generation from liking them and begging for more.

All I can really control is my viewing habits and those of my kids.  When they ask why I don't watch the Avengers, I tell them that I've already watched the Avengers and that I don't want to tarnish that memory with "the new version".
I believe that in their "trying too hard" mode, they will slowly lose fans as more and more of the population understand that the makers of these movies don't really care about your favorite characters.  They don't care about the legacies of those who have come before them.
All they care about is your money and how they can get it from you, and into their pockets.  I explain this to my kids and hopefully they'll explain it to their kids someday.

Everybody with half a brain knows that Disney and (present day) Marvel are not the good role models that they should be.
We can all see how they could be making a positive difference in the world today but they're not because they choose to collect money instead of respect.
If you find that these movies have offended you, for any and all reasons, don't watch 'em anymore.  They're not going to "get any better", they're not going to up and change their positions one day.
They are going to continue their war against you and your money and the only way you can "win", is to not participate and to teach your children, instead of letting Marvel do it.

I fully support you Nik, I agree with your words and your stance on big budget movies slamming women.
But to attack them and to think that they'll ever change, hah, we might as well try to attack the porn industry while we're in "attempting to change things that will never change" mode.
The intelligent people from my generation and younger, well we don't look to Disney or Marvel to learn about how we should treat our women, we have our Dan Abnetts for that.
For all those kids out there that don't have intelligent parents, that don't have someone to teach them about right and wrong and how to treat women, well I wish I could help them, change some things for them but again, I might as well try to extinguish the porn industry or shoot webs from my wrists after being bitten by a spider.

Hey I had never heard of the Bechdel Wallace test, I had to look that one up so I feel like I learned something new today, genuine thanks huh.