Thursday, December 3, 2015

Equal Power for All...

The following is a direct response to what was written here...

Boy, does it feel like the Thanksgiving season to you too..?
I think I might be full believe it or not, my stomach's so full of these beefy topics lately, I don't know if I can handle one more...
Mabes a quick undoing of the ole pants belt, ah, yeps, okay, I'll cram one more in there but that's it 'til New Years alright?

The Guns Issue, where would we be without it.
Yes we have a culture, I'm an American born and raised by the way, yes it's a fairly unique culture full of bad guy heroes.
Yes we have some emotional issues, some neglect for our kids and their feelings and some people that just want to hurt others for attention.
Yes as well, the people that commented on your blog Nik, Dave and Jeff (I especially liked the kids on the playground analogy, woopt!)
Well they made great points and I can't help but agree with most of 'em.

But we're forgetting the scope of this mess, it's probs too big to really ever fully imagine, even if we're trying really hard.
We're assuming that "one day", "someday", the people of our world will "wake up" and realize that they don't want to live in fear forever.
Or that if there's enough bloodshed or enough fear, that people will change or stop or mabes, I know right, "learn".
But humans don't work that way and there is no "limit", no finish line where the change must occur (look at the holocaust and how that continues to happen in some parts of the world today).

We have kids that grow up in gang cultures listening to pro violence music and desensitizing videos (video games too...)
We have people who have nothing to lose and will fight for even the most stupid, meager possession.
And, if we could step back for a second, we could realize that it takes a ton more energy than we are willing to spend, to properly care for the world's children.
How's that for you, how does that sit in your species' pride?  We can't even be bothered enough to raise our own children properly.
And honestly, if we can't educate and care for our own children, how can we ever expect to "control" something like a deadly weapon (might as well throw in deadly drugs too eh...)

We can't.  Plain and simple.
We could, take away every gun from every citizen everywhere, every time we found 'em.  We could dump every gun of all size and shape in a giant incinerator, we could "outlaw" them.
Then all the bad guys would have guns and hence, all the destructive power they could ever want while the rest of us have nothing.
But that's one side of the fence huh, take away all guns.
The other side, well it would involve giving every citizen their own gun and a year's worth of ammo.
Every child past the age of six gets their very own gun, it's got their name on it, it's even got a thumbprint identifier on the handle so that if the proper owner is not holding their thumb to it, the gun won't fire.
Every old person has their gun, again, name's inscribed with gold lettering on the barrels, thumb id print activator.

Then, think about it for a second.  Every single person you see has a gun on them.
In schools, in churches, in stores, movie theaters, your own living rooms.
In fact, the only people who didn't have guns were those that chose not to.  Praps their gun is upstairs in their closet or mabes they stuck it in a safe in the basement.
But their right, their protection, is always there.  You have the right to be as powerful as your attackers, if possible.

My kids have a school handbook that describes in detail, every illegal object that is not allowed on school property.
After looking at it for a bit, my twelve year old son says, "so, they don't have crossbows on the list".
Meaning, of all the things, you could walk into the front door of your school with a fully loaded quarrel and crossbow and no one could tell you it was "against the rules".
More fully meaning, rules will always be rules and people will always be people.  And well, people are pretty good at finding ways around the rules right.

To chose a perspective that is anywhere in the "middle ground" here is total stupidity.
Imagine a person walking into a school and simply drawing their handgun.  As soon as that thing's raised, everybody else in the room has pulled theirs and two old ladies have accidentally fired, killing the original gun drawer before they had time to speak.
Imagine a world where we don't need police officers because the people solve their own problems.  All we'd need is extra body-carry-outers and some clean up details.

But okay Bishop, I hear your logic but won't that kind of world be extra painful on everybody, all that death and tragedy..?
And my answer, yeps.  It sure will.  I might shed a tear or two in anticipation right now.
But I would also feel a sense of hope.  Because after the world has cleansed itself, perchappers there won't be a need to hurt each other with violence someday.
Perhaps our kids will see how truly horrible real blood and guts on the streets is, and change their perspectives.
And just mabes, "somehow", the bad guys will grow a sense of fear because they now longer have all the power.  Or they'll all be shot to death.

Ponder this for a moment while I load my knock out punch...
Any messed up kid looking for attention and wanting to hurt people so they get noticed, "glamorized killing", would have all of about three minutes worth of attention before they were shot to death.
No media circus, no pictures on every tv, no Oprah show interviews.
If you want to hurt someone and you think shooting is the answer, you will be shot to death by your peers and fellow humans.  The second after you shoot your gun in anger.
No hostage situations, no negotiations, no struggles and arrests, no trials, no lawyers with plea bargains of insanity, no airplane hijackings, no jail time...
Just a big fat firing squad from all directions as your body is shredded by hot metal.  The end.
And by the way, there's so many cleansing killings right now that your name isn't made famous, you're not even a single line in the outdated newspaper, you're not a fly on the wall nor a mention at the local church you used to attend.
Just another human life that needed to be forgotten for all time, goodbye.

Now did that soften you up a bit, 'cause I've got my big guns ready.  I vote that if we give every legal citizen a gun on their sixth birthday, people would think twice about kidnapping and raping a poor little girl on her way home from school.
People would think twice about driving recklessly for fear of another driver's retaliation.  The humans would slowly grow, ready for it, friendlier.

Crime would crawl to a halt, cheating spouses would cease altogether (because even if your significant other "suspected", you would be shot while eating your tv dinner...)
Punishments would be quick and final, education would be easy (you mess up, you get shot, it's not a big equation).

When my sons were younger, occasionally they would fight over the video game system, the computer or the tv show they wanted to watch.
If I heard the argument, I would not take a side.  I'd simply say, "figure out how to share or I'm taking your power cords."
And they soon figured out that if they couldn't work it out by themselves, that I'd leave them with a tv that couldn't turn on, a computer that wouldn't power up, a game system that was more like a paperweight.
Because the penalty was so severe, the compromises were achieved.
Fear is a great motivator but we're trying to use it on people who are already scared.  We need to take the fear to the bad guys as in, you mess up once and you're shot.

But hey, I'm a fairly smart guy, I can see the path we're going down huh...
I propose that when the fear wears off from the "everybody has guns", we give everyone a hand grenade or seven.
Then mabes it could become a mini-nuke backpack with a thumb depressor that would level a whole city block should someone feel upset or hurt.

I would like to thank everyone for reading what is a very difficult topic, for me, for you and for everyone else.
I would like to send my honest feelings to anyone who has lost a family member or friend to gun violence.  I would be fine with my sons being shot to death if it would be in the hopes of the world becoming a better place.
After all, we send our soldiers to fight the enemy overseas, why should I feel any different about fighting on our own soil.
I don't.  Dying is still dying but can't we do it for a truly good reason once in a while.

I am also encouraging anyone out there, to comment and show me where my flaw is, poke holes in my bubbles, criticize and critique, please.
If we could somehow get the rest of the world on the same page, just mabes we can make an actual difference.
Share this article with people, point them at my words and challenge them to dispute my logic, please, I don't get paid a single cent for this web site, there are no ads here.
I have no motivation other than the need to make the world we live in, stop hurting ourselves.

Also, in case you're wondering just what kind of messed up human the Bishop really is, I want to tell you that I have never owned my own gun nor do I plan on it, ever.
A gun to me, is too easy to place in my mouth and escape this funked up world with so I distance myself from them in order to remain here, fighting the good fight.
I fight with my words.

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